In the early morning of 14 October 1066, two great armies prepared to fight for the throne of England. On a hilltop 7 miles from Hastings were the forces of Harold, who had been crowned king nine months earlier. Facing them on the far side of the valley below were the troops of Duke William of Normandy, who believed he was the rightful king. By the end of the day, thousands lay dead on the battlefield, and the victorious William was one step nearer to seizing the throne.


Source:ย English Heritage

This is a video about the Norman invasion of Anglo-Saxon Britain in 1066 and soon after the inevitable and crucial ”Battle of Hastings”. I combined some footage from various documentaries and historical reenactments and a song by the Anglo-Saxon lads from Forefather. The poem is from a short essay written in 1906 by unknown writer.

I am not glorifying the Normans in any way, shape of form. Personally i feel like the English never should’ve lost that crucial battle, but i cannot judge past events that already took place centuries ago. It happened and that’s it! I am and always were very interested in British and Anglo-Saxon history and also hungry for knowledge guy. Taking sides would be really childish and ignorant.
…though i very consciously cheer for the Anglo-Saxons and what they stood for.

”Hige sceal รพe heardra, heorte รพe cenre,
mod sceal รพe mare, รพe ure mรฆgen lytlaรฐ”


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