This is a short artistic segment created by me and it is inspired by the philosophical side of Nature, trees, and the mysterious secrets of the runes and also the profound and deep psyche of our forebears and the druids of old. It is also a homage to one of the greatest minds and thinkers of the last century, Sir James Frazer.

Are trees sacred, and did really our forebears worshiped them like living spirits and embraced them as a part of life? Let’s dig into the deep psyche and the fertile soil of the lands and vast European forests and discover the roots of our hidden consciousness.
The text in the video is respectively from the book “The Golden Bough” by the Scottish anthropologist and writer, Sir James George Frazer. 
The footage used and taken by me is from the woodland area of the northern part of Bulgaria in my hometown of  Veliko Tarnovo.

27306  TU 151

Music used in this video is respectively by Wardruna.
Songs used: Bjarkan, Loyndomsriss, Heimta Thurs, Thurs.


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