Atala - A journey to the Golden Age by Marie Cachet

Version française

When I was younger, and I read books on mythology, or other classic tales, it often seemed to me that all this was like a huge mess. My interest was certain, but I constantly felt that these stories were read on the surface, and even analyzing the texts, I still missed something.

Possibly the key was known by some enlightened people, still in antiquity, and perhaps it has been erased by the centuries with dark age brought by Christianity in Europe. Maybe it had already disappeared among the Egyptians. Maybe it was kept secret? Maybe it was this lack of substance that allowed Christianity to settle in Europe, because paganism became (first in Southern Europe) a poor succession of stories.

I do not know. It is clear however that it is reflected everywhere. Today, defenders of paganism are often booed because of this lack of substance, and sometimes…

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2 thoughts on “B. The Cult of the Bear : The key to paganism (en)

    1. Yes indeed my love! I think she is on to something very groundbreaking and new in the fields of Anthropology and Mythology and other fields as well. Certainly there’s more to the Bear Cult and the veneration of the animal, but I do sincerely believe that it is true what she writes. It has to be! The facts are there and they cannot lie. Thanks dear!

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