The Scrying Apes of Ignorance




Well, I am appearing here before you with a particular announcement, and also to show you a short segment from my upcoming book. Yes, I am in the process of writing my first book and it’s in the very early stages of development. I have no working title yet or a publisher, (I’ll most likely publish with CreateSpace anyways), but further news and announcements can be found here on my blog, or on my YouTube channel. Here’s a segment from the 1st chapter in the book, concerning the current, and also not so current situation here in my country. I also speak about the intentional conditioning and social engineering of the people here, and in the rest of the world in general. Also about the educational system and the mindless drones of that modern society produces.

I write about our dying traditions, race and our buried and obscure roots and how my countrymen are refusing to gain knowledge and accept reality as it is. I mention how we are, and were openly genocided for centuries by external as well as internal threats here on the Balkans. Look the islamo-fascist policy of Turkey for example. It’s a ticking time bomb, waiting to be unleashed upon the world. (It applies for the rest of Europe as well) Some of my thoughts and thesis and observations in this segment should NOT be taken as homophobic, racist, bigoted or simply as sheer hate or passive aggression against any minority or majority or ethnicity of people. I am not impressed by “triggered” terms and individuals and their infantile threats or accusations. I’ll say or write whatever I want and whenever I can. The fact that someone may wanna shut my mouth up, gives me more power and inspiration. Deal with it! I am striving very much to be a professional and independent writer. My opinions are based on personal experiences and observations. They are objective as well as subjective. That is how it is and that is how it is going to be! I love my country, my language, my traditions and my roots and I will make no excuses for that fact. I want to preserve all of it and also try to open people’s minds for certain and crucial problems here. Outside people are not aware of how they are being deceived about so many historical facts about our roots and my country and our traditions as well. Do to the proper research and you may find the path to the real truth. Again, I am not here to preach or to convert you! You simply have to use your brain and connect a few dots. The truth does not remain hidden for long, that’s a well-known fact, and it always comes bubbling on the surface! Keep digging and never give up! I despise organised religion and all of its offshoots! I practise the Pagan beliefs and venerate nature and the Pagan aspect of every Deity of my European heritage! I respect and understand that golden treasure that our forebears left us. It needs deep exploration as well as serious preservation by all means! Thank you for your interest and your time and please share your thoughts below! As always, stay vigilant and keep our Pagan traditions and beliefs alive!

Chapter I

A friend of mine, a teacher, who had dealings with children, told me that eight graders, white eight graders to be specific, because it’s a well-known fact that our nation suffers from an increasing gypsy problem and we’re being openly genocided for decades for the simple purpose of being ethnically replaced. The same method is applied for the rest of Europe. Anyways, he told me they cannot read. Well not exactly though. They can read the texts on their smart phones and Facebook or twitter posts. But you see, if they are to sit and read a book, even fluently, well, that is a daunting task for them. On the other hand, they all are satisfied. Fashionable clothes, pocket-money for cigarettes and alcohol where Mom and dad pays for it and a fancy smart phone or a tablet. Some of ’em even drive expensive cars without even having a single day at work or any experience regarding earning an income. They all, quote-unquote study serous things in the local universities. Those poor bastards. Only if they had a clue…They need to do it anyways, do they? Where, again, Mom and dad pays for all of it. They almost look “real” to me, when in fact I can see through them. They’re like open books. Only that they possess one peculiar trait, which is not that important, but still, it exist! I don’t need to be David Icke to connect the dots myself. I guarantee that such a virtue didn’t remain hidden for their teachers. For their parents I have a more strong belief that they are completely ignorant or unaware to be able to see the big picture. They finished their jobs you know. Pop up a few kids and mission accomplished! But some teachers, (and I specifically say “some”, because the school and university system is even a bigger problem than uncontrolled parenthood) had actually observed closely these bright young minds forming a thick layer of rust in their psyche. It’s true that these teachers couldn’t prevent this development, because they are instructed not to bother them youngsters and stick to their teaching like obedient robots. Otherwise they would roam the streets hungry and without a job. What’s the point of having a teacher’s degree if you cannot apply it and make your living in the process? Those teachers did not force their students to go and plant trees, clean the forests of someone else’s construction waste material, being spat upon a shady ground surrounded by pine trees. No one will see, right? Or make something positive for the environment. No, of course they cannot do such a “new age” hippie thing. It’s better to discuss your Facebook friends than plant trees or do some positive work on the field in a rural area outside the city. Even if they did organised such a normal activity, which the result could only benefit the health and free their minds and use a cell or two for instance, unbinding them from the digital prison they’re residing, day after day, night after night. instead these so-called students would’ve still wipe those black monolithic obsidian screens of ignorance until their brains fry or at least their batteries die. At least Good for those that who are doing something constructive, like archeological finds or writing a well researched book or art related when our nation is represented outside. As for the rest of the flock of sheep when the circus ends, that circus being the last year of high school, having their necks out of the limousines, counting to 12? They all are in that same circus! The directors, the headmasters, the teachers and the ones in the parliament. All of them are highlighted as of major fucking importance. How great education is! Now of to the meat grinder! The 15 minutes of fame they are given are going to result in a lifetime of slavery as clerics and mindless drones happily feeding the system. There you have it. The yoke of modern society! These same types don’t give a flying fuck that every lazy and retarded person or the so-called respected member of society can buy a diploma for any degree, he or she wants. Make them only shed a crocodile tear when they are given the flowers and the magic scrolls for achievement for that same finished degree they all slaved for at least a quarter or their miserable lives and they’re you have it. A PhD is on the way to prosperity! Hallelujah! Another empty ken lined on the assembly line, waiting to be filled. Heart warming isn’t it?!
Now, let me give you a brief story of mine. Under the windows of the buildings here (excluding the most freezing days of winter), the students from the nearest school assembled a drunken gathering, involving cigarettes, weed and degenerate music. First they go to the school for an hour or two, in order for their teachers to see that they are present or to make fun or spit onto their faces, and then they run away, ready for the degeneracy under the local building, which sometimes lasts for a whole day. Just ask one of these bright minds of society what they scream and shout below the building. You’ll have your hair electrified! No wonder when they announce on the tele-screens or local toilet newspapers that some students said that he will rape his teacher and things of that nature. Our educational system is a cancer! It rejects chemotherapy, traditional medicine or any other kind of reform. It will keep producing, degenerate, hyper retarded drunks and weed smokers. We are better of them. Such rotten apples doesn’t help humanity in any way shape or form.ย  Let other nations try to deal with them. I myself witnessed a few cases of such useless examples back in England. Thanks, but no thanks! No more of that. Unless they want to try their luck at politics, I see no better option for them. They’re useless anyways.

The political stage offers asylum only for those brain-dead types. Now at the time I am writing these sentences the situation in my country and the rest of Europe is still not peachy at all. It is going down the drain at ridiculous speed. The so-called establishment exist there just to occupy a spot and to avoid total anarchy and collapse. Not that a collapse is not going to happen eventually. Quite the contrary. It’s inevitable! The ones in power who organise elections from time to time just to stay away from the absolute boredom are going to present themselves each time as the winners. Therefore the purpose and the automatic conditioning and willing programming of the masses will be to feel as the same as they feel. Winners! The winning fool can be easily recognised by the fact that he have all the answers. Hence the persona of Donald Trump. When in reality, a winner is just another term for a loser. The false hopes and fake achievements are put in place and installed deep in the subconscious mind. Now all what is needed from the mindless drones is the hardware to perform in a well oiled symbiotic relationship with the software. So between the ranks of these blazing minds, the new educational prime minister will be born. The same one, chosen DEMONcrat who will continue the glorious path to nothingness, that the previous saviour started in the first place. For couple of years now some parrots in the establishment here always ask the same question, over and over again. Who? Who will educate these people? I will tel you who. NOBODY!! Because they alone don’t want to be educated. I mean it is simple as that! This same society here in my beloved country wants to leave to other countries and point the middle finger to everything sacred here in exchange for a cheap vacation on some beach comfortably located to a fancy hotel in some distant part of Turkey or Greece and eat sea food till they start to puke. Who is going to keep and celebrate our most sacred traditions here then? The youngsters? Forget it. The can’t even show you on the map where we are located. They don’t know, they don’t wanna know anything apart from what’s on going on in the social media and when the new season of Game of Thrones will arrive or who’s football team is winning. They don’t wanna know their roots. No that is just too much to digest for such young and fragile minds. On the topic of roots and tradition now. You see we’re presented as people with obscure roots, hard to determine. We’re just that random tribe of people coming somewhere from east, dissolved in the so called Slavic Melting pot many centuries ago. Outsiders and non outsiders always get it wrong regarding our roots, because the internet is full of disgusting lies and propaganda. Look how the Vikings and the Celtic people of Ireland were being presented for such a long period of time. As bloodthirsty savages, wearing horn helmets and running naked around like some lunatics. Christianity and the rest of the desert cult religions are to v blame. Now at least we have a real pagan revival and the ones behind organised religion as shaking in their pants of that fact. The truth of the matter is that people here don’t wanna know, and outsiders are refusing to understand, because they are being fed with false information and there’s not many people doing the proper research and posting it in English regarding that subject. There are a few books translated in English which I will respective point to where to find them and their names in the bibliography section at the end of the book. I realise that I went a little bit off topic now from the core subject of my presentation here, but believe me, tradition , our roots and language and customs are play a crucial role in today’s shaping of society, for our nation and for the native European people as a whole. Tradition is dying here and the old pagan beliefs of our Thracian forebears are fading and are intentionally erased. Now the situation regarding how people think here on the Balkans and the underlined mentality is laughable and infantile. People want to leave my country and go to a worse place, for reasons unexplained and unknown. They want to go to Greece or Turkey for example, find some miserable job and live in some kind of an utopia and get payed like a true European person. Such a disturbing fallacy exist in people’s minds. I kid you not! In the meantime people here just want to slave for 8-10 hours a day or night for some fat thick-necked billionaire, CEO or head of an offshore company. After a hard-working day, getting paid basically nothing, they go to the local supermarket or gas station, driving around or passing by the bookstore with hideous smirk on their faces, having the thought that who the hell read books nowadays anymore and why this building exist in the first place. They prefer to go and buy one of them lottery cards you see. The ones you scratch with a coin, hoping to be the next millionaire. Is it not a better option to buy a good book that can give you some useful information, to feed that grey substance in your cranium for once? Why the hell should I do that he or she are saying to themselves. Hence the saying here in this country m; I don’t need a brain, give me money! While they scratch that lottery ticket, the paint goes under their fingernails and maybe some random tourist is passing by seeing them and thinking, yeah these people work hard!

Bรณriwulf Vรกkinรณvson


Hello and goodbye as always…


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