Iย think if the Devil doesn't exist, and man has created him, he had done so in his own image and likeness.

Is he real? He is as real as anything in a world of unrealities. People believe he is unreal. The Devil laughs and admits it. All is unreal! Being? What is it? A perception? What you see exists for you. If I am a delusion of your mind, you are also a delusion of mine, the Devil tells him. Each man exists in a solipsist universe in which he treats his delusions as realities. The logic suddenly explodes. Reason, tired of proceeding forward, tries to erupt out of the page.


You are – one level of reality. I, writing this article down – another, less real. The Devil – even less real, but all is relative. Are you reading for amusement? No? You have some serious amusement in reading then? You don’t mind reading of peoples confusion between real and unreal, but when you close this page from the X button on the top right corver of your browser, what then? You must take up your own life? Real or unreal? The intellect pretends to be sincere, pretends to question everything, but the arm-chair you are sitting in, the desk, the PC or the laptop, the drawers, the carpet, the central heating system, or the fire you’ve just kindled to warm yourself up in that cold andย  harsh winter night… you don’t question their existence, nor the work you must do tomorrow and the day after. The intellect can go off on infinite and preposterous voyages, but you, “the being”, the personality, have to go forward towards your destiny. What Mckenna would call “Your Transcendental Object at The End of Time”.

This uncoils from your interview with the Devil and yourself. It is always latent. Still confused? That kind feeling, again, can you feel it? It will always be there until human beings have attained ultimate reality and can read existential philosophy from an ultimately real arm-chair which is just what it appears to be, facing their lives with an ultimate knowledge of who they are, what life is, what death is, where they come from, and where they are going. Then they can know that the Devil was unreal, but then this is just an article, and I am only a man writing it down, and for the sake of unreality there is not much to choose between us. Behind me and every man and woman, there is a universe of chaos. Many are spitting and issuing forth accusations that the Devil is re-hashing the ideas of peoples’ past lives and experiences. What does it matter? It may be one more evidence of the Devil’s unreality! Does it prove the ideas unreal? Are the ideas more real than the Devil? Plato would say yes! Kierkegaard and the modern Existentialists would say no! This too lies latent in the situation of and between the modern man and the existence of the Devil. And these ideas I am writing down. As soon as I touch upon them, it sets the whole merry-go-round off again. As a writer and a researcher on Magic and The Occult, I have argued that good and evil have not relation to the soul. They are only two poles in life. Two lumberjacks at either end of a double-handed saw.

Let us compare evil to the clatter of a bell. Remove it and the bell is completely silent. Not manifested. Good and evil, what are they? …the Devil asks. When man is uncivilized, his good and evil are completely arbitrary. His gods are immoral and his devils are only graveyard bodies. As he learns to use his reason, he sorts out good from evil. But where does it end? Man does not reason himself towards God, or towards becoming a god himself, but only into the position of a donkey, starving between two equal loads of hay. The notions of good and evil evaporate. He finds himself in his room, staring at the wall, and if “another” exists, then he is like “this one”. A shabby vulgar, with old and, worn-out trousers, a brim hat and devoid of all manners and sense of reality. This is the end of The Great God called “Reason”, when man goes far enough.ย  In eternity, a dusty room with cobwebs…the Devil, a human being or a projection in time? And what about Heaven? Perhaps it lies behind time itself. Where an idle wind blew around an empty throne, and stirred the heavy curtains on the walls. And what about belief? It is not what man usually possesses. Spiritual starvation has made him sick and afraid of his own existence. If man can recover from his “terrifying insight” and find belief, he may become more passionately religious than the average “meat golem” passing you by on the street. He will believe with the unwavering certainty of one who has been lost for a long, long time, and is determined never to be lost again.


Written by Borislav Vakinov with the great assistance of that wicked gentleman, The Devil himself.

Huge inspiration and a good part of the text came from Dostoevsky’s “The Brothers Karamazov” and from Colin Wilson’s “The Outsider“.ย  Other than that, it is a personal philosophical and existential analysis and expression of the so called “human condition of modern man”.





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