Let me tell you a story.

A true story.

I live close to the forest. To be exact, towards the forest, because about 100 metres from the building where I live, I can see the dense pines, hornbeam and other trees in the woods. Almost through the entire year, except during the most cold days, a bird singing can be heard from the branches of the trees. It is like the trees themselves are talking to one another.

Now, sometimes a pack of pigeons and sparrows arrive at my window, looking with innocent curiosity inside and around my room, and maybe hoping to get some crumbs from the poor guy locked inside. They probably wonder what is going on there? Nothing special really to be honest, because while I sit behind the computer to write such an inspiring article like the current one, read a book, eat my lunch, clean the room or just observe the falling snowflakes behind the window and the never-ending stream of disturbing people inside their vehicles, the whole world is moving and changing in preposterous speeds, that even if the birds were consciously aware of all of it, it just wouldn’t matter to anyone.

Behind my back is my personal wooden library, with all my dozens of precious books, which pages are also made of wood, so in other words it can be said that, I do actually “live” inside the forest. …or maybe the Forest lives inside me? Maybe both.

Without reading books, all birds are clever creatures. Let’s take the raven for example. Like all the Corvidae, it is an intelligent bird. It can imitate sounds, and also to learn words. I have not met a talking raven, but someday that may happen for sure. Many times I have had conversations with friends and people, and suddenly something strange happens. A shadowy curtain falls between me and the person, and all the desperation in the world pours down on me like a giant wave from the ocean. That cannot happen when you have a contact with any bird. I have met Jay birds, eagles, sparrows, woodpeckers and many, many other winged specimen, while roaming the vast forests around the city and on my village deep in the country side, but I have never had the opportunity to gaze at them at a very close range and give ’em some food. The Jay bird for example, eats a variety of foods, like seeds, acorns andย  other nuts, and if they are in sufficient quantities, it stores them in secret places for the winter. Sometimes it looses them or forgets about them, and they turn into a new group of trees. Nature works its magic! A bird just planted a tree! I wonder why we humans don’t do that simple act anymore. It seems that birds are the most noble beings in that regard. Then what is the next logical thing for a bird to do? Well, the trees are planted and they grow tall enough to become “ready” to be chopped down with chainsaws and axes by people and made into all sorts of things like, tables, beds, sulfas, desks and libraries. Completely “natural” thing to do! Humans work their “magick”! I tell myself I bear witness to all the happenings inside the forest and outside, and that I cannot do much beside plant some trees myself, but I also comfort myself with the fact that when I “peck” the words and letters from a good book, I’m in a sudden hurry to store them in my head and to spread the knowledge all around me. I’m hoping that my heretical excitement will fire up and kickstart someย  hungry for awakening-type of-minds, and unleash their creativity, so that it can bring life to a new spiritual forest. Maybe not all from what I have read is hundred percent understood by my conscious mind, but that’s why I seek people who I’ve never met before and I desperately look for hidden roads and places in the wilderness, so that they can all shed some light and pour meaning into my being. I doubt there are such beings in my surroundings, but nevertheless I still search and eventually discover gems here and there.

The need of a mutual experience regarding reading, knowledge and general rules of living are paramount. But why? Well mainly from a linguistic point of view, it’s all about the words and the language you see. Words, these wonderous “seeds”, they help us to understand each other, to unite, to become even closer. Now back to the flying ones. The Jay bird standing on my window, twisting its head around and about, jumping in one place and absorbing reality with such thirst, that even I begin to envy. After some time, the whole curiosity thing becomes dull and boring, and here we go! It spreading its wings and it flies to distant horizons. Now, that I cannot do! I am watching with amazement until I loose it from sight behind the branches, and I fool myself that I can fly on the wings of my thoughts. Alas, it is far from flying! It’s maybe a soft form of levitation, but the process is entirely different from the actual flight. The wind does not make my “fur” go wild, and I don’t tear up the skies with my “energetically charged” body that is on the brink of ecstatic trip to other dimensions.

I’m quite satisfied with all I’ve already got! Thanks, but not thanks, GOD! I need no wings to prove myself or to the world, that I can soar above the unfamiliar and the mundane meat sack incarnations, that gave themselves titles and tools so that they can be close to the clouds and outfly birds and spirits. I can go and observe from the hill. The experience is almost identical. The modern human being lives in the world of immediacy, and of desire to reason and compare.

Look at me, I can fly! Look at me, I can drive faster! Look at me, I have the latestย Iphone! Look at me, I have expensive clothes and a car! Look at my “collection” of cats and make up! Look at me, I am a dead corpse in the ground! Look at me…

Those poor bastards…

Titles and labels. Labels and tiles. No one is impressed nowadays. Apart from your average joe schmoe living a “perfectly” satisfied life inside the Matrix. The artificial hype, the envy and the hyper-ego, have been placed there for a specific reason. It’s not natural. None of it! The “Lords of Perception” can have you all!

I need no titles or labels. I am just quietly observing the forest from my small corner of the universe, behind my wooden library made from those “murdered” trees that I mentioned above. Explanations and excuses are not in my menu. I have a very strict diet. Unpleasant words and ugly language can only make your brain “obese”, and no one wants to go to the hospital after some uncontrolled eating habit, and be forced to sit on a bench close to a tribe ofย  “meat golems” and get a cheap prescription from the “all-knowing” doctors and PhDs forย Fluoxetine (also knows as Prozac) and other poisons.

Myself and those birds, are only divided by a thin sheet of glass. Who’s to say and issue a final statement, that birds don’t like being around humans? Psycho-Babel-Bollocks! After all, the reason why they’re coming by from the woods and from inside the branches of the trees, and to land on my or anyone’s windows, tells you quite a lot. If, of course one has eyes to “see” and ears to “hear”.What was that famous saying “In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”. It tells you in a very symbolic way that they are taking flight from home so that they can return home! That way of viewing and “seeing” the world and all its life forms and streams of consciousness, is the way our ancient ancestors lived their everyday lives and how they experienced reality. Through animism the doors of perception are cleansed and the reality behind the reality appears even more real than the previous day before.

Now off to new horizons and beyond! Fare thee well!

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Article written by Borislav Vakinov





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