Apart from technology, not much has changed in the last three thousand years in terms of how our minds are cultivated for social and political control purposes. Our consciousness – both collective and personal – is still being invaded via the art of extraneous “agents” and “ghosts” corralling our psyche into cultural, political and social enclosures. These methods and practices of our psychological enslavement have not changed since the time when our hysterical ancestors were spellbound by the parade of “idols” under the glow of blazing torches on their way to the Ishtar Gate in ancient Babylonia. Today, the same screams of ecstasy are delivered towards the parades of Hollywood “stars” walking along the red carpet to the Oscars –  under the glow of the spotlight. Nothing has changed. Nothing at all.

— Thomas Sheridan (The Anvil of The Psyche, 2012)


How to live a simple life in a complicated world

Quit your job and don’t ever work for any man or woman but yourself. Stop paying taxes. Stop voting. Stop reading mainstream websites and newspapers. Stop watching TV and stop playing video games that only numb your psyche down and poison your mind. Get rid of all smart technology: phones, tablets, smart watches/TVs, home installation systems, ect. Drink much water of natural sources. Take cold showers during warm days (especially during summer time). Cold showers are healthy in general. Take more! Don’t use make-up, deodorants or perfumes. They’re all chemical poisons that will kill you anyways. Get your own fuel, firewood, timber, ect., and limit the usage of electricity for your daily needs. Cook and grow your own food and eat healthy. Cultivate the land and use Permaculture. Get familiar with the work of David Holgren. Say no to modern agrictulture! Stop vaccinating yourself, your family and your children. Know your own body and be your own doctor. Be a creative individual and stimulate the artistic side of yourself. Always strive to become the better version of yourself. Extract your own herbs and medicine from nature, and don’t feed the pharmaceuticals. Big pharma is not your friend! Buy second-hand clothes and limit your time in glossary stores and large super markets. On occasions, buy only organic food (if you have access of course). Quit smoking and quit drinking alcohol and remove all poisonous substances from your organism. Quit listening to degenerate music and stop watching porn and crappy TV shows or general Hollywood propaganda. Old cinema is way better. Especially European cinema. (less filled with subliminal programming) When possible, use candles during the evening and limit artificial light that can only affect your brain and deteriorate your eyesight, and in the end, it will leave you blind in a few decades. Sleep 5-6 hours in the night, not exceeding the 8 hour limit, and train your body and mind with the appropriate methods. Take long walks and hikes in the woods and mountains, or wherever you wish. As long is far from the cities. Commune with nature! Don’t stay long in front of the PC and leave all social media (it’s dying anyways). Mark Zuckerberg is not a human being! Deal with it! Try to discover your anima / animus (meaning, find a good wife / husband). They don’t grow on trees and those in social media, the local pubs and the dance clubs are not appropriate candidates at all. Those are “meat golems“, and you may want to avoid them at all cost! Increase your “vision” and senses to allow you to more easily spot psychopathic individuals. They all lurk in the shadows, have no doubts about it. Same tactic applies for both genders. If you can’t succeed finding “the right” individual in your lifetime, well, your path is your own path. Marriage is crucial and having kids is even more crucial, but maybe your were meant to walk the road in solitude. That’s absolutely fine, as long as you can accept it. Feel no regrets about it, because it will eat you from the inside like a parasite. Home school your children (if you have any). Spend as much time as possible with them in nature. Get a cheap property in the country side (while you still can), repair what you can by yourself, and prepare a garden and get animals for food and resources. Treat them with respect! Stop being a new-age hippie-vegan and grow a spine! Meat is sweet! It’s necessary. We need protein and our brains require as much as possible. Don’t eat at fastfood stores or general junk food. I mean, it goes without saying. Don’t be a couch potato. Stop zoning out and get shit done! Don’t pet every cat you see on the street. Don’t try to “save” them. They don’t need saving. Cats and dogs can very much take care of themselves. Don’t force animals to be locked inside small apartments. They value freedom like we do. Cats are furry, gentle and sacred animals, but they spread toxoplasmosis and other rare diseases that may put you in the madhouse. Get a strong and healthy dog instead, so that it may guard your property if you live in a house in the country side. Dogs are NOT suitable for apartments! Don’t feed it with garbage. A dog is your best friend. Don’t drive vehicles, ride horses instead. And if you already have a driver’s license, just tear it in half and throw it in the bin. A car is equal to a wheel chair. Use your legs or get a bicycle. Any vehicle is a mobile casket. AND ABOVE ALL, EDUCATE YOURSELF BY READING THE CORRECT BOOKS AND BY LISTENING TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE. Study history, mythology, religion, language and philosophy. Even study Tolkien’s books. They are not just mere fantasy literature. Study the history of MAGIC and THE OCCULT. Don’t be afraid of them. Those in politics, media, entertainment and commerce, use magic 24/7 against us. Get familiar with the works of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, James Frazer, Aleister Crowley, Nietzsche, Robert Graves and Colin Wilson. Delve into psychology and discover the undiscovered. Don’t apologize for every single action you have made. Know your limits and develop a useful skill. Feeling shame is a noble virtue. Feeling guilt is a Judeo-Christian mind control scheme. Don’t follow gurus, and cancel the illusion of having idols. Stop worshiping dead people from the middle-east nailed on two planks of wood. Quit being a trendy wannabe and stop worshiping actors, musicians (mostly those in the mainstream entertainment, and the degenerate pop culture, but it applies to others too), sport “stars”, models, etc. Pay homage to nature and develop a healthy mindset and apotheosis for the elements of nature. Each tree is divine. Inside every hill and mount, spirits reside, and in every lake there is a goddess. Limit yourself of attending huge music festivals and venues, like Wacken open air, Dynamo Open Air, Download festival, etc. Those are gladiator arenas and they are all starving for your life-force and energy. In very extremely rare situations, some live shows by musicians are great, but most of ’em are those from the underground scene that take place in closed venues and small centers. Wardruna is a prime example. They perform inside forests and mountains. Discover more classical composers and delve into the works of the “old masters”. Such transcendental art form in the guise of the classical music genre, CANNOT be replaced by anything or anyone! Step by step, even if it takes decades, months or even years, we are all capable of achieving freedom. By being heretical and disobedient towards any system of oppression, the beast can be starved to death and deprived of all power and control. Being autonomous entrepreneurs and self-sufficient as possible is the way forward! This is the “New Aeon“. Brake the chains and illuminate your inner  and outer universe!


Useful Guide:


Meat Golems





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