Welcome to my new podcast/free-thought sort of radio show. This is the pilot episode and if it turns out that there may be life forms out there listening and enjoying my thought processes and verbal antidotes, I may actually consider keeping it going and expand my horizons.ย (whatever that means)

ย Various topics in this first episode have been peeled. From mind-control to predictive programming, and from the fragile psyche of the infant to the concrete and rock-solid Black Iron Prison in Philip K. Dick’s dystopian world we face in this day and age. The baby boomer generation were “enjoying” the benefits of the system, reaping the social and welfare of the state and living the Anglo-American dream. They were actually the initial witnesses of that whole “biblical” inception, and they did nothing to guard their own and their children’s psyche and lives. Guarding the mind is obviosly more precious than securing a property and paying debt all your life. We cannot blame our parents and we certainly cannot hold other people responsible, because they lacked the knowledge and the will to keep their lives in order. it’s like blaming the handgun for the actual gunner. It was (and still is) a very complicated process of growing and harvesting the soul of the individual and the family unit. (Ask Edward Bernays, he knows best!)

Join me here on this solo adventure where I unpack the human condition and share an honest story from personal experience and perspective. The ever-hungry Archons are lurking sheepishly in the shadows with all their “agents” employed by that same demiurgic soulless entity we mortals love to call, Jehovah. Behind thick curtains and foggy skies and blocked by the five senses, his palace and terifying kingdom lies. They don’t want you to know of their and his existence, and they’ll certainly would make you believe and do anything to deny it. They certainly obey their beloved master. They’re all enjoying feasting upon your soul at this very moment. It’s like that chocolate cake that you waited for your birthday party, but you got the fruity one instead. It’s not however all black and white. There is also a shiny rainbow at the end of the tunnel. The beginning is always as pitch as black. If we can find the means to use the tools we used to possess, and reclaim back our lost souls, we can very much free ourselves from the shackles. I am not seling you an universal “over the top” world view or some new-agey promises of salvation. You go to your Sunday church service if you’re looking for that. I’m not here to “convert” you. I don’t offer any solutions, but I certainly want you to find THE SOLUTIONS by yourself and by your self only!
Don’t let the nasty bunch get you!

…I mean the Archons of course.


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