3 thoughts on “WHITE, RED AND BLACK: A Bulgarian Healing Ritual

  1. Is Mishev saying that this rite is currently practiced in Bulgaria? I hadn’t heard of this before (somewhat surprising given my Bulgarian superstitious, dream-interpreting, herbal tea healing mother-in-law from a small village). Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Hello Risa and apologies for the long delay with my reply. I have no account of Georgi stating firmly that this particular rite is currently practiced in Bulgaria, or in any other country in the Balkans, but personally I won’t be suprised at all if there are still remnants of such practice in the Bulgarian healing and magical tradition. Mishev explains (in his book, Thracian Magic: Past & Present) on a macrocosmic scale the origins of the magic, the customs and the complex systems practiced by our Thracian forebears as well as still preserved today in some rural parts. It is indeed a very, very fascinating and important topic for me as a Bulgarian and I presume for many others (like you) who just want to know more about the magical traditions around these parts of Europe. Thanks for your interest!

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