f169331947dd049f3728d4735567e8c9ย reaming is an essential part of our lives. Just as meditation has a profound effect on our psyche and our body, dreaming is a vital process of our lives and it has a strong connection with our past incarnations and it keeps us in close proximity to our ancestors.

In a section on dreams and civilization, Nietzsche writes:

“In the dream โ€ฆ we have the source of all metaphysic. Without the dream, men would never have been incited to an analysis of the world. Even the distinction between soul and body is wholly due to the primitive conception of the dream, as also the hypothesis of the embodied soul, whence the development of all superstition, and also, probably, the belief in god. โ€œThe dead still live: for they appear to the living in dreams.โ€ So reasoned mankind at one time, and through many thousands of years.”

We spend a third of our lives in a parallel nocturnal universe and the half-imagined, half-remembered experiences we have there are in constant dynamic interaction with our waking selves. Our nightly dreams are both fragmentary reflections of our conscious lives, rearranged into barely recognizable mosaics by our unconscious, and potent agents of psychic transmutation โ€” a powerful dream can cast an unshakable mood over the wakeful hours, or even days, that follow it. Science is only just beginning to shed light onย the role of dreams in memory consolidation and mood, but their nature and purpose remain largely a mystery.ย โ€œWe feel dreamed by someone else, a sleeping counterpart,โ€ย the poet Mark Strand wrote in hisย beautiful ode to dreams.

Here is what Peter Grey wrote about dreaming in our modern world in Apocalyptic Witchcraft:

“If there can be a war on dreaming, I propose a devastating counter-strike. Recognise that something sinister has been sculpting the landscape of dream. We are seeing an unprecendented colonisation and colonialisation of the dream worlds. When we discussed incubation it was made clear that the Ancient World understood the importance of dream, and since then it has been accumulating grey silt. The dream world is becoming as polluted as the natural world, as despoiled. Before we even reach the Asclepium, our minds are chorusing with chatter, assailed by demands. The previous strategy of thou shalt not have unauthorised dreams has been superseded by a more terrible strategy. It is not simply dream which is derided as meaningless, but every aspect of our lives. In a parody of Hassan I Sabbah, nothing is true and thus nothing is permitted. We parade our inner selves which are revealed to be no more than loyalty to a sect of compatible brands. When we see ourselves and the world around us we do not recognise the sacred. Our culture has devoured itself “

Dreaming is a cornerstone magical practice all over the world.ย It is the commonest route into the spirit world. Yet today we go to sleep filled with artificial foods, with a carcinogenic cellular device less than a foot from our heads, surrounded by Wi-Fi signals and devices whose lights never seem to turn off. One way or the other, you must take back your own dream state. This involves:

โ€ขย Keeping your mobile phone far away from you and returning to an old-timey alarm clock.

โ€ขย Ensure your bedroom is properly dark: i.e., decentย curtains and no electricalย devices such as laptops thatย all seem to have at leastย three lights you can neverย turn off. (Note: this will alsoย make you live longer,ย apparently.)

โ€ขย Fasting. It has been anย essential mystical process forย centuries. You simply wonโ€™tย believe me until you try it. Asย with the below suggestion,ย always check that fasting isย not contraindicated for aย particular medication orย condition (such asย pregnancy).


โ€ขย Herbal allies: Valerian rootย tea, mugwort tea, or aย tincture of Egyptian blue lotusย are all worthwhile, legalย herbal supplements to try justย before bed. Be especiallyย careful with the first two andย any medication you are onย that affect the liver. Definitelyย do not go anywhere nearย mugwort if you are pregnant.

In many ways, dreaming is anย excellent place to end this articleย as it interfaces with all theย enchantments.ย Having the cleanest routeย possible into the dream realm isย essential for spirit guidance andย inspiration in response to aย particular working or ritual. Newย spirits, gods, allies, and possibilitiesย will also present themselves to you.ย Properly activated, your dreaming isย one heck of a strategic advantageย in achieving your dreams.ย 


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Amazon UK

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Amazon UK

Article written and assembled by Borislav Vakinov



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