Can I interrupt your daydreaming for a moment and throw you a quick bucket of water in the form of a brief analysis of my own personal troubled psyche? Are you ready?ย  I asked you a question! Are you ready to take off? Oh, you better be!

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pillโ€”the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take theย redย pillโ€”you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more.

Rabbit hole symbolism and meaning


This is NOT a pro “TROOFER” type of analysis and I don’t support or give a flying duck about conspiracy theories or psy-ops on the level of your average, “reptilians of outer space created the human race” and all that bollocks. Conspiracy theories do exist, oh yes sir, they very much exist, but you ain’t gonna find the genuine ones after watching a YouTube video with a dramatic music playing on the background or watching a 6 hour talk of some “new-age guru”, or reading David Icke’s books. (nothing against the guy though). Get that into your head, and do I hope you’ll enjoy my down-to-earth review. Thank you!

Just recently I felt like re-watching the entire Matrix trilogy. Why I did that you might ask? Well, it all came about when I began to write and think about a new material for the book I’m currently writing. (upcoming book that is, work in progress). Respectively I went to and bought the special blue ray box set for like 10 quid!

…just kidding! I pirated it like everyone else! ๐Ÿ˜›

And so, literally in the very first minutes in the original film, I began to view it in a “brand new” light.ย  I didn’t have either the time, or maybe the effort years ago, to dig deep enough from start to finish of the movie, but seeing it now, along with the current events we’re facing and with a slight shift of consciousness, definitely some parts started to “click” right away in a very special and refreshing sort of frame. From a clearly metaphysical point of view andย above all else, these types of movies are built entirely block by block on a very firm archetypal foundations. That is probably logical, because I consider the trilogy as a living representation and proof of a “finished” contemporary mythology. Because of that, the subconscious parts were deliberately stuffed inside so many things, scene by scene and line by line, that if we need to unpack the coded messages and allegorical meanings, at least partially, the process would probably take hundreds if not maybe thousands of pages of text. So, don’t expect me to do it for you! Everyone is free and capable to make his own journey and write about it. I’m here to report a tiny fraction of mine. So keep reading!

And lo and behold! In this trilogy, almost everything has been said and done! Almost everything… And as very trivial and as cheesy it may nowadays sound (because of those types and sorts like: “matrix this”, “gnostic that”, “space aliens” (even), those types of remarks by this guy or that guy), it nonetheless became a pillar and the actual “monolith” for all these movements and it shaped the current zeitgeist, and yes, that doesn’t change the fact even slightly! It is what it is. Everyone has the potential to discover for himself the layers embedded in its complexities and symbolic structure. If you view the entire trilogy only as a “cool” storyline filled with even “cooler” CGI effects, then you must have swallowed thatย blue pill buddy! Such a shame! Such a damn shame! (sigh)ย 

Here I wish to pay an important attention only to a string of a few scenes, and so that I can demonstrate how on a level of pure cinematic production, script and brilliant writing, so many keys can be encoded in an unbelievably decompressed scale. Here I want you to pay a very close attention and decide what your eyes and ears are telling you. The vail will be lifted later. Is it a predictive programming or a “wink” of the unconscious, which can only be encoded throughย  ways of means of syncromysticism, or just conscious viewing, I leave that for you to decide!

We’re speaking about the first movie of course – literally the last scene of the beginning of the foundational block (Trinity with the agents), and most of all, the second block after her (The proto-introduction of the Thomas Anderson persona), because the architecture of the thread in question begins to weave itself from their very first meeting.

As you can see many things are happening. I’ll just skip my comment on the more trivial of things like for example, the “Monarch-script” with the white rabbit and the mentioning of the psychoactiveย Lophophora (which presented in such a thought form, is a direct throwback to what was the first thing mentioned in the scene)

Actuallyย  the first important impression about Neo is that he is “asleep”.ย  This has at least two obvious layers and one quite known by default. First: He is in his unconscious state. Second: With this it is shown metaphorically, that the our hero is not yet have been “awakened”, because he is just about to undertake his journey as a “bot”. And the thirdย and final oneย is:ย Something that is not that obvious and it doesn’t make an immediate impression (especially on first sight) is that, you must be “asleep” in order to be able or to have the ability to “wake up”.



Let me start from the third. In order to do this, you gotta take a quick look at the first important block (that I mentioned above) with a phrase by agent Smith.


The phrase is provoked by the fact that he follows the activity of Morpheus, which he constantly searches for “The One”. Their next task in called “Neo”, and respectively the agent have to find him and de-program (or brainwash) him back to “normal”, so that he would not have any heretical ideas.

Between the two blocks in the movie, there is link in the face of the word “searching”. The agents have “requested one from the matrix”, and it began the process of “searching”, which directly puts the viewer in the second (and main) important block, which you just saw above. It starts with the same word – “searching” – which is the ideal continuation to the frame before that.ย ย 


In that connection there can be no mistake, because on a visual level, Wachowski made the effort to make the story literal and visual. After the lines exchanged by the agents, the camera focuses on the destroyed by the track phone in the cabin, it enters through her, goes trough the code (because of the ordered search), and then it goes out through Neo’s monitor in the pixels, directly visualising the word “searching”. As I said – direct connection in a very literal sense.ย 

With that in mind now we can blast our way forward and try to find out why Neo is “asleep”.

Neo is asleep, because he wants to wake up. The “sleeping state” is a direct command for the dual code, that you are looking (i.e. searching) for something or someone. Either you do that consciously or unconsciously, it makes no difference. That’s why when Neo “sleeps“, his system searches. The idea that he wants to wake up, because he is sleeping, is kickstarted by what he saw on his monitor. We have a photo of Morpheus (the mediator responsible for the waking up of Thomas Anderson, and also in a clear mythological way, he represents the Greek God of dreams and waking consciousness), in the Libyan newspaper An Nahar (in a direct translation –ย  “The Morning of The Day”), giving another clue about the meaning and the direction of the entire thread.ย 


I have checked, and the logo of the newspaper is indeed a rooster.


Everyone born before the era of social media, smart phones, tablets or whatever, and the state of our current technological “soup”, knows that roosters use to wake humanity in the morning for hundreds of years, which puts a peculiar accent on the thought behind the idea in question.ย 

In order not to sound too conspiratorial, overly analytical, and with the risk of loosing your interest or attention, let me just go straight to my point, which the whole frame of about a few seconds builds up on a subconscious level. The entire “searching” of Neo and his “investigation”, are two tightly connected concepts, because they cannot be divided on the level of the binary code. While you are searching, you at the same time are sending a “request” that you are in need of information. It the same way you are giving such information about yourselfย  in the form of a micro / macrocosmic scale and that entire feedback circulates back and forth for…eternity really. In other words, you continue to be a part of the code. The internet today, the “web” as we like to call it in short, and its total monitoring of people, is the highest proof of that system, which sadly it goes way out of hand and it paintsย  the principle which is highly important for the dual platform itself.

Even if that is the most logical way to “wake up” (starting with a simple search), the need and the desire of the initiation of this regime is the key to the real transcending of the dual code. Searching is a form of a dream, and whoever searches, he accidentally dreams.

For example. I myself search in a very specific way and I also try to filter every information that I receive every minute of the day. Ubiquitous assimilating of information can be a very unhealthy process for a person’s mind, and one of the most common things people experience is, that it backfires against them and leaves them in state of confusion and severe neurosis. It is a healthy thing to filter and reject the unnecessary information away from your system and in the same way to assess and digest only the needed portion of it and thenย  continue forward on a clear mind, body and spirit. (the mind affects the body as well know well, and vise versa)

In the context of the block, Neo finds and he receives his story. We all do. In the same time, this turns things against him in a way. He got “awaken” by his “saviour” (again with a code – the Wake up Neo in which he immediately reacts.

After he gets an adrenaline injection from the strange things happening with his computer, he receives a knock, knock on his door. He will sell something to some “punks” and he then opens the widely discussed Simulacra and Simulation written by the French philosopherย Jean Baudrillard.ย 


The book is on of the prime sources and inspiration for the creation of the movie and i has been handed by the Wachowskis to the whole cast as a mandatory read before the production. As a matter of fact, in order to be involved in the movie, understanding the book was a sort of required condition for everyone, because exactly on this book, many of the ideas for the script are based upon. All in all, on a level of a movie frame it’s a hint to a life in simulation which mister Anderson lives.

Having said all that I finally arrive at my destination. The dialog, which provoked the writing of thisย  current analysis of mine.

Giving the CDs to his client he then says to Neo:


Gotta give ’em credit for that. The archetype of the biblical messiah has been implemented quite well in the entire trilogy.

Don’t get me wrong though, I absolutely can’t stand being told that we’re dealing with a version of uncle Jesus here, only to discover later that he is the personification of a lateย  20th century hacker, who’s trying to escape this mundane reality and transcend into something…well, something else. It has always been clear, that Neo is a representative for the figure of the saviour in the mythos in question (Smith even calls him “The Blind Messiah” in Revolutions). In fact, Neo gives a program for hacking (which in the official version ofย the messiah figure is connected with the very essence of the “Christ Archetype, being a hack in the systemย in an of itself) to his client where the last recognizes him as his saviour, as his own personal Jesus.ย  Very Gnostic idea, isn’t it?ย 

** Just an aside here **

The heathen beast and the wild tribalist inside me screams and wants to clarify something:

I really don’t like writing about Christian ideas or anything connected to Monotheism in general, but for the sake of this article, I cannot help but see and write about the absolutely blatant and “in your face” Judeo-Christian propaganda that the Wachowskis and whoever else was involved in the making this movie tried and successfully pushed in the face of millions watching and dissecting the entire mythology of the trilogy. Having unloaded that out of my chest, let’s please continue.


What I basically think about Christianity and Monotheism

This whole thing not only hints to the future role of Neo in the borders of the storytelling of the entire movie, but also it makes a reference to the mythological figure, which was based on hat same persona of Keanu Reaves. These “hack codes” by the way have been pulled out directly from “Simulacra and Simulation”, which tells us that the context behind the reason to be a “Christ-like” figure or a so called “saviour“, by definition is a simulation in and of itself. Just like in the sequel “Reloaded” , when all becomes clear that “The One” is just another form of control in the Matrix, which maintains its primordial structure.

Ironically the next frame confirm this. Neo says:


And then the “stoned looking” client responds:

ย 7


That is a scene which mixes and jumps meaning in various levels. First, on a level of script is quite clear and obvious – it is needed for the purpose of the story in a cinematic perspective. The second and the third idea becomes clear only if you really payed a close attention. The man who just proclaimed Neo toย  be his saviour (a Christ-like figure), not only he continues his line of thoughts and allegory, when sayingย  that whatever happened concerning Neo (the messiah), never happened “for real”, and also that HE as a figure DOES NOT EXIST.

The funny thing is that, as I said, this scene is an unexpected prophecy for the plot of the “Reloaded” sequel, where it becomes clear, that the whole prophecy is an absolute lie and that “The One” really is a fabrication. This results in the chain of events when Morpheus loses his base, because he doesn’t have anything to hold on to. There’s nothing that can drive him towards his goals. Respectively in the last part of the trilogy, Neo must forget that not only he is NOT Thomas Anderson anymore, but also that he is NOT “The One” as well. That is also a persona, a mask, a role, a story in time, that had been given by The Code.

If I must do a recap and condense the entire block in its totality, it would’ve looking like this:

โ€ข The sleeping Neo pulls out a story of his own unconscious.

โ€ข The very nature of the waking state travels through the “sleeping state”, because they are a part of the same binary cycle connected with the process of seeking or searching. He looks and searches andย because of the cause and effect relationships, he becomes a wanted man. He becomes the prey. That awakens him for the next level of his game, which by the way, he lives in room 101.

The meaning and the symbology of the number

The number 101 symbolizes, entering into a new dimension, it shows a new cog in the wheel so to speak. Just like the case with mister Anderson, because he decides to follow the white rabbit after the room scene, which then leads to his “transformation” into his real self: Neo.

The number pops up once more in “Reloaded”, when Morpheus, Trinity and Neo went on to visit The Merovingian (living on the 101 floor), which event unlocks a new level in the Matrix, because of the keymaker. Exactly all of this leads Neo to The Architect, which shows him that The One is just a pawn like everyone else, just like it becomes clear in the discussed scene with “the saviour” in front of Neo’s apartment 101 in the beginning of the trilogy.ย 

โ€ข Neo sells a “hack”, which on a level of a movie script is connected with a messianic archetype, which by the way also comes from the dimension of the simulation.

โ€ข He then implements his “messiah persona”, which will play two and a half movies. He directly gets called “Jesus Christ”, while it is already clear, that all of this is a simulation, because it comes from “Simulacra and Simulation” fromย monsieurย Baudrillard.

โ€ข The motive that the messianic figures never existed or that they are not a real thing, gets validated once more.

โ€ขย  Subsequently, the remaining 2 parts of the trilogy confirm the same, because there already were at least 5 versions of the Neo type of messiah, which doesn’t really makes him “new” in any wayย ย and renders his name as well as his status.ย That is why he has to let go this role in order to achieve nirvana.

โ€ข The overall metaphor lies in the fact that the conditions of search, sleep and wakefulness are part of the matrix itself, and the messianic figures are its products that lead to more-of-the-same.

โ€ข And if these are not the 3 movies condensed in 3 min. and 30 seconds – Don’t call me a conspiracy nut anymore!

And so, here we finally arrive at the end, or rather, the end of the beginning. These errors blocks, I call “archetypal architectonics” because they are built of whole individual elements given by the unconscious, built before our eyes. The structure in question is recognizable by the fact that the links are knitted in all directions because they are non-linear โ€“ The frames are not connected semantic, only forward (following a linear progression) but also backwards. The beginning of a thread can be point number 2 rather than 1. For example, point number 1 in the current situation for me was the conversation about Jesus โ€“ it piqued my attention that something was happening in the first place. Because I know that such a thing goes in all directions (forward, backward, sideways, inward) I tied the moment with “Simulacra and Simulation”, which, however, is a frame chronologically overtaken by point number 1 for me. The sequence didn’t matter though, because I already knew it was there due to the nature of the “thought blocks” and just had to see it for 1 time in relation to the rest.ย The ripple of this is unfolding for 2 films then, so the multifacetedness of the directions is present.ย Something like this I did โ€“ the very first link โ€“ a picture in this topic was about Jesus, before you knew beforehand that the leitmotifย of this topic would be for him. He himself says, “Yes right!”, which also winks for the very contents of his figure-again discussed here.

With this I want to show, how the knowledge of the mythology and the synchromysticism (united in the cinema)ย  are combined with the knowledge of the platform and are transmitted by writing.

There is of course a lot to be said on the topic, but I leave that for some other incarnation of “The One”.ย  See you on the other side of the rabbit hole.ย 

…if you took the red pill of course.ย 

or maybe there’s a third pill…

Article written by Borislav Vakinov

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