Do you remember dear reader, what is the most indexed thing nowadays? That’s right! Humans! HomoSapiens Sapiens”. You, me and everyone else on this planet.

We are the ghosts among the ruins
Without history without nations
We are the ghosts among the ruins
Without faces without names

Since the very first days of being “delivered” into this world, when we get our names, our UCN (Unique citizenship number, in other words, being “barcoded” like a commodity), and after a while when we get our first ID card, right to the very last day of our “exodus”, when we get an alley number, tiny piece of earth for the purpose of inserting our comfortable coffin inside and sending us to other “unexpected journey” beyond this five senseย reality. Everyย  piece and corner of our souls and bodies is registered into the big fat book, numbered and indexed. Personal health cards and life insurances, long lists inside kinder gardens, school registers, town councils, municipal offices, job files, insurance numbers, pension funds are only a tiny part into which our humble personas are inserted and are comfortably stored, loaded and left for the ages. Far more numerous are the information vaults, the mechanical and electronic systems, which cannot exist without our obedient participation. Let’s just put it in a few simple words. The entire physical world is overloaded with all kinds of data and digits concerning all of us. Why am I mentioning these prophetic truths you might scratch your head in dull amazement? Well, it is certainly not because of boredom! This word have been “uninstalled” from my brain repositories a long, long time ago.ย  It is because the time demands it, but also because I have been reading Thomas Sheridan’s books lately. (especially his first two titles on psychopathology and social engineering. An essential and absolutely recommended read) While absorbing the information presented inside in a very down-to-earth and a reader-friendly manner (unlike some of the more recent books by various self-proclaimed “troofers” coming out these days), was quite a refreshing excercise for the brain and I once again reminded myself along with my fellow humanoid species on this piece of rock, that we are only fooling ourselves that we are free or can have the choice of freedom. As Colin Wilson stated: โ€œโ€œThese men are in prison: that is the Outsiderโ€™s verdict. They are quite contented in prisonโ€”caged animals who have never known freedom; but it is prison all the same. And the Outsider? He is in prison too: nearly every Outsider in this book has told us so in a different language; but he knows it. His desire is to escape. But a prison-break is not an easy matter; you must know all about your prison, otherwise you might spend years in tunnelling, like the Abbe in The Count of Monte Cristo, and only find yourself in the next cell.โ€ย And as Gandalf the Grey says in The Hobbit movies “It’s an illusion”. We are transparent. Like under a magnetic tomography resonance machine. So much is known about us, and even if we try to hide ourselves under clothes, make up, hoodies, false identities and nick names, at the end it wont last for long. All it takes for us is to make some small mistake or a “thought crime”, and some “gestapo-like” agency immediately gets interested in us, in order to be put on the dissection table and examined under microscopes and interrogated by the “thought police”.ย  There you have it. George Orwell’s fiction becomes reality. Most often than not, all fiction becomes fact in one way or another, and that is a real fact of life. The reason why there are so many Hollywood movies that came out in recent years, like “Born’s Identity” with Matt Damon, (good series by the way) or “Dรฉjร  vu” with Denzel Washington, in which we are blatantly shown how little we know of ourselves and how much the others know about us. These movies exist for a reason. It’s not just a Saturday night entertainment to watch with the girlfriend holding a beer in one hand and popcorn in the other, until you fall asleep in front of the TV or whatever system you use to watch movies or TV shows.ย  Ever heard of Predictive Programmingย or NLP? Well, if you haven’t, I suggest you do some reading. I wrote a long article on the dangers of smart phones and all types of smart devices. The scrying obsidian mirrors. That’s what they are. it’s actually and excerpt from a chapter of my upcoming book. Check it out here:ย The Scrying Apes of Ignorance.ย Well, phones for example. No one calls them phones anymore. Why? Because they are not used as such. They are smart tech, cells, mobiles, or just hand-held devices for everyone owning one. What were those phones then? Oh, wait, they are in the distant past now. Remember those machienes with the cables and shit?ย  No one uses phones anymore. Maybe only when we are inside our homes. The phone line is there, but also it isn’t. It’s just there, sitting in the background and collecting dust. There’s facebook and messenger and twitter and all those types of substitutes. Those “smart” devices are getting even smarter than their owners. Our biggest friends and helpers and becomingย  our mockers while sitting comfortably inside our pockets and bags. Our best friends and helpers becomes our best enemies. Adding the increasing presence of CCTV and the other types of video surveillance, following us each step we make and around every corner, with a cold stare fixed like a HAL 9000 from Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, makes things even more sinister. (Remember those tablet-like looking devices on the space ship in the movie? Did I mentioned that the movie came out in 1968?) Now that is not a science fiction anymore. It is a science fact! Some of you might say, well it’s all bollocks and nonsense, conspiracy theories for tin foil hat wearing nut cases. Well it is time to dig out your head from the deep caverns of your back side, lift the vail of pop culture delusions and see life for what it really is. That’s what I’ll say in return. Why do you think they’re banning, censoring and shutting people down in the alternative movements as we speak?ย  Alex Jones got nailed without a notice, and as much as I ddin’t liked the guy and for what he stands for and says, I can understand what is the sheer importance of the situation at the moment. The internet itself becomes highly controlled and censored and that is disgracefully evident. Just as much as we “surf” and browse around in the social networks, blogs and video sharing websites and having a great time with our online friends and mates, or when we speak on that smart device that was used to be called “a phone”, on the other part of the world someone, somewhere is gathering data in the big fat online data base of us, adding more and more inside our fat x-file sitting locked in some underground vault. The wheel is turning, our imprints have been taken and it’s just a matter of time now and of good will that same someone who is sitting somewhere to receive the order from above and crucify us. Protection of personal data? Who are they fooling? So do you want me to believe that when I click on some hollow window, popping up in some website, and promising me protection and safe browsing experience will immediately give me absolute anonymity? Horse shite! Already each and every one of us is more famous than those in the yellow pages, the red carpet and on the major media outlets. We are all “stars” now. Remember what Aleister Crowley wrote in Liber AL vel Legis?

Every man and every woman is a star.

We are indeed. Stored and numbered in the universe of the files in the secret services.ย  But, but, but, this is to fight terrorism and counteract terrorists before they even begin to commit crimes against humanity, and those noble things, isn’t it, isn’t? Yeah right…

And why the terrorist appeared in the first place? Or they made them appear? Sounds more plausible to me when it is put in that light. Make no mistake, the movie script is still being written and performed as we speak. Some of you might say, “this guy is completely paranoid, what has he been taking?” Nothing at all. Well, ok, fair enough. The only drug I have been taking is thatย red pill of reason. I don not want to help humanity or to save the human race. At this point in history, people are beyond saving, and it’s not my business to save anyone and to play the role of Bruce Wayne. I never was, I never will be. I am teeling your all of this, because I value my freedom, and you dear reader, you should value yours! We are being taken on a road that will lead all of us to complete control, censorship and lack of freedom. Being lead by who? Well, I leave that for you to discover. A little brain gymnastic if you will. I leave you now with a quote from the man who wondered ifย Androids Dreamt of Electric Sheep.

โ€œThey want to be the agents, not the victims, of history. They identify with God’s power and believe they are godlike. That is their basic madness. They are overcome by some archtype; their egos have expanded psychotically so that they cannot tell where they begin and the godhead leaves off. It is not hubris, not pride; it is inflation of the ego to its ultimate โ€” confusion between him who worships and that which is worshipped. Man has not eaten God; God has eaten man.โ€

โ€•ย Philip K. Dick,ย The Man in the High Castle

Written by Borislav Vakinov



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