It is a long-running joke – and a fair one, it must be accepted – that there are no sharp and clear photos of UFOs, flying saucers or whatever you want to term these mysterious flying objects. I‘ll refrain from using the term ‘craft,’ and the reason for this will become apparent during this article.

One of the greatest challenges to science in our age is from modern superstitions such as UFO cults, and people who are beginning to take instructions by “space brothers”. Charlatans ranging from magicians to “psychic healers” have tried to gather money and power for themselves at the expense of science. And this is tragic. When one looks at the vast dollars that go each year to the astrology industry and thinks what that money would have done for us in the hands of astronomers and astrophysicists, it is possible to feel very frustrated. Had the astronomers been awash in these funds, perhaps they would have already solved the problem that I’m grappling with right now. I respect  astrology in its context as an ancient human tradition. Still, I wish the astronomers could share royalties from the astronomy books. I did not believe in UFOs at all before this happened. And I would have laughed in the face at anyone who claimed contact. Period. I am not a candidate for a conversation to any new religion that involves belief in benevolent “space brothers”, or in unidentified flying objects as the craft of intergalactic  saints or sinners.

Whitley Strieber, Communion: A True Story (1987)


I am on the same page (Witness True Sorcery)

Before I continue, I wish to lay my cards on the table that I have not seen any proof to suggest that aliens using spacecraft have ever visited this planet. In fact, I would go as far as saying that belief in alien spacecraft visiting earth is an invention by Hollywood, and which, using a combination of wishful thinking and gullibility,  has left millions of people who experience a strange light or shape in the sky assuming it to be ET in origin. The only reason they jump to this conclusion is that of cultural programming.


Celestial phenomenon over the German city of Nuremberg on April 14, 1561, as printed in an illustrated news notice in the same month


In the past, strange lights in the sky were considered demons or angels for the simple reason that before the late 1940s no one had been yet coached to assume that these were spacecraft from other planets visiting our own. The phenomenon has been with humans from day one and belongs in the same category as that of demons, fairies and so on. Even the famous Marian apparition at Fatima, Portugal in the early 20th century falls into this same category. Unexplained lights or experiences from the sky have always been furnished with the culturally accepted terms and milieu of the time. One generation’s Virgin Mary is another generation’s Grey Alien and so on.


The  Citizens of Basel, Switzerland Did Not Automatically Assume ‘Space Aliens’ When Strange Lights Appeared Over The City in 1566. There Was No Hollywood Around At The Time.


While I do not believe in alien visitation to this planet in flying spacecraft, I do believe that the majority of the people who see and experiences these events (assuming they are not insane or witnessing military technology) are telling the truth. The fact that so many people who have encountered these experiences are often changed for the worst, is proof enough of their veracity. From my research – and having seen a UFO myself a few years back – I have come to the conclusion that these UFOs are not there in solid form. They are not machines as such.

They are also – on some level – alive, and appear to have a kind of conscious intelligence connected to that of our own. The observer and the phenomenon having a personal, and in some cases, culturally-shared experience. Carl Jung was very much correct when he said they are manifestations of the subconscious mind during the period of personal or social uncertainty.



The UFO that one observes in the sky is a disturbance of the field around whatever creates it – the same idea can be applied to photos of the Loch Ness Monster and many ghost photos – and there is nothing ‘solid’ as such within this strange visual experience. If a camera zooms in, the picture only gets more distorted and less precise. It is akin to the brushstrokes on an Impressionist painting; the closer we get to the canvas the less sense the image makes. This is because as we look closely at a UFO, we see nothing other than the disturbance in the field created by the phenomenon. There is nothing but its energetic footprint. Perhaps as a result of plasma or a type of Kirlian effect.


A Kirlian Photograph Of a Male Fingertip Looking Very Similar to How Many People Have Reported UFO Sightings.
(Sérgio Valle Duarte, 1989)

From a distance, what might appear as a distinctly shaped object becomes blurred and indistinguishable as we move in closer towards it. In other words, in many ways, the UFO is not there. Only the energetic footprint of a mysterious phenomenon experienced by humans since the beginning of time. A mystery that won‘t be solved by channeling aliens or attempting to make contact with the so-called ETs inside the UFOs.

There is no ET gold at the end of the rainbow. However, there remains a profound mystery which deserves far more serious study and research that what space alien-possessed researchers of the present era are interested in undertaking. The UFO experience is rooted in consciousness and perhaps even spirituality, and is not flying saucers and material spacecraft. How can you photograph what is ultimately hidden, and can be experienced only by the effect it leaves us within us.

Original article wirtten by Thomas Sheridan





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