Witness True Sorcery

Borislav they call me, a heathen lad from the Balkans.
A bibliophile-polymath, self-thought musician, an artist, independent writer, you-tuber and a blogger. People used to call us Magicians back in the old times, but now we’re just creative people on the internet. I write and edit articles on the web, whenever I can, or if I can find more of that precious resource we mortals call, TIME. Regarding my musical approach, I don’t play any ”physical” instrument per se, but when I deal with music I mostly experiment with raw sounds constructed in a software. To put it simply, I make music on a computer. The process can sometimes vary from digital synthesizers, synthetic guitars, field recordings, drum or machine loops and non-traditional and other sources. Most of my inspiration comes from various things like; Nature, books, philosophy, mythology, history, THE OCCULT and the history of MAGIC… and from many other fields and categories of thought. I make ambient and electronic music with a strong militaristic, and rather avant-garde vibe. There’s a sub genre in AMBIENT and INDUSTRIAL music called “martial industrial”. It circulated around the web for a few years, but it was mostly overlooked by many and it faded into the shadows of obscurity. Names and labels are arbitrary to begin with, and I personally prefer not to classify my music and frame it for the sake of it. Instead I prefer to keep the idea simple, clean and open for interpretations. I don’t believe in absolutes. There is no absolute truth in life There are only polar opposites and causality in the universe. One constant, one universal. The only real truth! That is the nature of the universe. That is CAUSALITY. There is no escape from it. CHAOS brings ORDER and ORDER brings CHAOS. Like the popular saying goes: “One person’s truth, is another person’s lie and vice versa” I strongly believe there’s a certain truth in it. Self-deception is no one’s truth. MAGIC and REASON on the other hand are what drives LIFE and it is the primordial essence. NATURE doesn’t need truths and language to function. Through nature and the understanding and gnosis of the arts and fundamentals of MAGIC we create our own realities. Our own mythologies. Our own manifestations and our own MONOMYTHS.


What is Magic?


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Interests and Hobbies

Art, History, Philosophy & Anthropology. Mythology & Psychology. Archeology, Megaliths & Art. Music and Cinema. Fantasy & Horror. Hiking and Bushcrafting.. Languages, Cultures & European Traditions. Norse, Celtic & Slavic Sagas. Poetry, Runes and The Occult. Magic & True Sorcery. Role-Playing Games, Swords and Axes. No “troofer” attitude or “space brothers” fanaticism. Food for thought and down to earth and smart discussions.

Music Endeavours


My main project can be found below:

Fasci Di Combattimento (VOLOK Records)

Fasci Di Combattimento (Bandcamp page)


Personal Philosophical Perspective

If it can be said that everything; chaos, darkness, anathema, can be reduced to a mathematical formula, then man will go insane on purpose to have no judgement, and to behave as he likes. I believe this, because it appears that man’s whole business it to prove that he is a man and not a cog-wheel. And perhaps, who knows, the striving of man on earth may consist in this uninterrupted striving for something ahead, that is, IN LIFE ITSELF, rather than some “real” end which obviously must be a static formula of the same kind as two and two make four. I am sure that man will never renounce the genuine suffering that comes from ruin and chaos. Why, suffering is the one and only source of knowledge. What I must stand for is my own personal free will and knowledge, and what it can do for me when I am in the right mood to use it. I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man’s. I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.



I don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social network account! For questions or anything of the sort, contact me here on the blog or through my e-mails: