b_16096_mth orislav Vakinov they call me. (Pen name: Bóriwulf Vákinóvson). A heathen lad from the Northern Kingdom of Thracia. Born and raised in Bulgaria. A bibliophile-polymath, also a devoted long-time Tolkien reader and Middle-earth explorer, a medievalist and a lover of maps and languages, researcher of The Occult and Magic, a dedicated Fortean and a self-thought musician, an artist, independent writer, you-tuber and a blogger with a rather strange taste for art and highly addicted to Country Music. People used to call us Magicians back in the old days, but now we’re just creative people on the internet. I write and edit articles on the web, whenever I can, or if I can find more of that precious resource we mortals call time. Regarding my musical approach, I don’t play any ”physical” instrument per se, (apart from synthesizers) but when I deal with music I mostly experiment with raw sounds constructed in a software. To put it simply, I make music on a computer. The process can sometimes vary from digital synthesizers, synthetic guitars, field recordings, drum or machine loops and non-traditional and other sources. Most of my inspiration comes from various things like; Nature, books, fantasy, philosophy, mythology, history, the occult and the history of magic, and from many other fields and sources. I make Dark Ambient and electronic music with a strong militaristic, and rather experimental feel to it, although I am not in any way promoting war or political ideas. Not at all. War is dirty, painful, miserable and traumatic experience. Nasty, disturbing, uncomfortable thing, that only makes you late for dinner! Though sometimes quite a necessary evil. If I could describe the music I make, it would be something along those lines; Avant-garde electronic music with occult, metaphysical and ersoteric nuances. Names and labels are arbitrary to begin with, and I personally prefer not to classify my music and frame it for the sake of it. Instead I prefer to keep the idea simple, clean and open for interpretations.


thirteenpaths01what is magic


why magic

Magic is always the tactic of last resort for those who refuse to give up hope. You do not summon Cthulhu to help you find the TV remote. You only visit the witch at the end of the village when all other options have been explored, for she is the loan shark of the Gods

— Gordon White

The primary purpose of Magick and Sorcery is to alter the subatomic fabric of reality, and how we experience the material world, as a more active rather than passive state. To use the modern term of “hacking the matrix”, or to make reality somewhat optional. 

— Thomas Sheridan

Study the history of MAGIC and THE OCCULT. Don’t be afraid of them! It’s absolutely crucial for us to understand that. Those in politics, media, entertainment, organised religion and commerce use magic 24/7 against us. The Psychopathic Control Grid never sleeps! Get familiar and read and study the works of Aleister Crowley, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Colin Wilson, Terence Mckenna, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Graham Hancock, Anthony Peake and to a great extent H.P. Lovecraft, Alan Moore and Whitley Strieber. Delve into the psychology and discover the undiscovered!

An appropriate statement here from Thomas Sheridan’s bookDefeated Demons” can serve to illustrate this very well:

“The reason for this is simple: if we are aware of the nature of the all-invasive attempts at mind control by the Psychopathic Control Grid, then we can cultivate an equally powerful sense of psychological immunity resulting in a better quality of life and a greater sense of independence. We can enjoy a quality of personal security and contentment which no other prescription-scribbling psychiatrist can prescribe. 

Adepts of this knowledge can concentrate on the things in life which bring joy and fulfilment, rather than on the things we are told we lack by advertising and mass media.”

And also a quote from Gordon White’s excellent book “The Chaos Protocols:

“Properly used, magic will destroy your life. This is a feature, not a bug. Ever since modern humans first emerged into full consciousness those who worked with spirits, be they shamans or witches or magicians, moved into their final function only after some kind of Otherworld trauma experience. Some event has to occur that provides the magician with a lasting, visceral, unshakable knowing that the universe extends beyond what can be physically observed. “


• Art, History, Philosophy & Anthropology.

• Mythology & Psychology.

• Archeology, Megaliths & Art.

• Music and Cinema. Fantasy & Horror.

• Hiking and Bushcrafting.

• Languages, Cultures & European Traditions.

• Norse, Celtic & Slavic Sagas.

• Poetry, Runes and The Occult.

• Magic & True Sorcery.

• Role-Playing Games, Swords and Axes.

No “troofer” attitude or “space brothers” fanaticism. Food for thought and down to earth and smart discussions.



My main project can be found below:

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thirteenpaths03personal philosophy

If it can be said that everything; chaos, darkness, anathema, can be reduced to a mathematical formula, then man will go insane on purpose to have no judgement, and to behave as he likes. I believe this, because it appears that man’s whole business it to prove that he is a man and not a cog-wheel. And perhaps, who knows, the striving of man on earth may consist in this uninterrupted striving for something ahead, that is, in life itself, rather than some “real” end which obviously must be a static formula of the same kind as two and two make four. I am sure that man will never renounce the genuine suffering that comes from ruin and chaos. Why, suffering is the one and only source of knowledge. What I must stand for is my own personal free will and knowledge, and what it can do for me when I am in the right mood to use it. I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man’s. I will not reason and compare: my business is to create!

I don’t believe in absolutes. There is no absolute truth in the universe. There are only polar opposites and causality. Nothing has ultimate truth. Anything remains possible. This is the nature of the universe. There is no escape from it. CHAOS brings ORDER and ORDER brings CHAOS. Of course in a probability based universe such as this, some things remain more possible than others. Through the ways of natural philosophy and the understanding of the arts and the fundamentals of magic we create our own realities and our own mythologies. Our own manifestations and our own monomyths.

Bóriwulf Vákinóvson

Thunder comes crashing through my mind and once again my rage is thrashing blind. As the noose is tightened something stuck in my throat. I can hear myself incanting, I can hear the oath. 

No more backing down. No more running. No more giving ground. No more running… 

Too many times. Too many places. Too many biggots and too many angry faces. We’re hiding away to our own shame. You know the story, It’s all the same. Mainstream culture, Mainstream lies. Mainstream husbands, with their mainstream wives. I will not change you or set you free. just let me pass and then leave me be. I hold no grudges, but I am drawing a line. You can either accept it, or you can kiss my behind.

For blubbering fools I have no more time. I have roads to walk. I have mountains to climb. So stand aside, brother let me walk on. The oath is taken, the deed is done. I will walk on, not matter but light. I will walk on with that one star in sight. 

No more backing down. No more running. No more giving ground. No more running…


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