Vendel period triskele

Witness True Sorcery

Borislav they call me. A lad from the Balkans.

A self-thought musician, an artist and a blogger. I write and edit articles on the web whenever i can or if i have free time. I also like to know things and read a lot of interesting books on various topics. I don’t play any ”real” instrument per se, but when i deal with music I mostly experiment with raw sounds, samples, loops, etc. To put in a simple context, I make music on a computer. The process can (sometimes) vary from synthesizers, synthetic guitars. drum loops or machines and non-traditional and other sources of sound like: Fire, water, stones, wood, wild life etc. Most of my inspiration comes from various things like; Nature, philosophy, mythology, history, movies, RPGS, literature, poetry etc., but to be honest that which inspires me the most is life itself. I make ambient and electronic music with a strong militaristic, and rather experimental vibe into it.

Interests and Hobbies

History, Philosophy & Anthropology. Mythology & Psychology. Archeology, Megaliths & Art. Music and Cinema. Fantasy & Horror. Languages, Cultures & European Traditions. Norse, Celtic & Slavic Sagas. Poetry, Runes and The Occult. Magic & True Sorcery. Role-Playing Games, Swords and Axes. No “troofer” attitude or “space brothers” religious fanaticism. Food for thought and down to earth-smart discussions about the topics above. Grab a cup of tea or coffee, sit back, relax and enter into the realm of mystery and magic!


One person’s truth, is another person’s lie and vice versa.
Life is magic and we create our realities through magic. Our own manifestations of our own mythologies.

!! NOTE !!

I don’t have a facebook, twitter, Instagram or any other social media account! For questions or anything of the sort, contact me here or through my e-mail.