This is the upcoming release of my Martial Industrial projectΒ Fasci DiΒ CombattimentoΒ for the closing of this year. It marks 10 years since I have created the project back in 2009. If you’re not familiar with “martial industrial” music, just give it a listen and you will definitely find out. It will be released by VOLOK Records sometime around the upcoming weeks. Strictly limited edition of 20 hand numbered copies with additional inserts and bonus tracks. You can directly support me by visiting my page and pre-ordering the album or just wait until it’s released. Thank you all and have a great Apocalypse!


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Fossil Angels

Fossil Angels was written by Alan Moore in December 2002, and was to appear in KAOS #15. KAOS #15 never actually appeared, and the piece has been without a home since then. (More information about KAOS and why this wasn’t published there inΒ thisΒ article on Bleeding Cool.) This is, and remains, the sole property and copyright of its creator – Alan Moore. I am just sharing and adding this article to my blog, because I find it extremely interestingΒ and fascinating, and because I deeply respect the man. I would also want more and more people to read it and get familiar with his view on magic and the occult. Enjoy reading this brilliant artefact! Read more

Chaos Paganism


Chaos Paganism is an evolving system devoted to the needs of the individual non-Abrahamic spiritual practitioner.


Essentially connected with traditional polytheistic forms of Paganism/Animism, but is not rigidly devoted to any particular form of veneration due to the fact that we as individualsβ€”and as a cultureβ€”change/evolve as our own lives and culture and technology also changes.


Due to the Christian editorialized nature of most forms of European Pagan tradition in the centuries following the death of the Roman Emperor Constantineβ€”along with the wanton destruction of the Pagan Classical, as well as wider European Pagan worldβ€”practitioners cannot solely reply upon historical/mythological sources for a complete picture of how our ancestors venerated their Pagan gods and goddess. Read more


The analytical psychologist Carl Jung had two primary terms he preffered to express the the archetypes of the unconscious mind: anima and animus. According to him, theΒ anima finds as expression the feminine inner personality in the unconscious of the human male.Β  In the female uncoscious it is expressed as the animus.

Jung co-opted the term anima for his own uses, but there exist an older definition of the word. In latin,Β animaΒ describes the animating principle: the soul. In the classical sense, the opposite of anima is persona, and it is the custom designed, meticulously crafted and professionaly presented personaΒ that a psychopath depends upon as as substitude for a soul and to pass as human amongst humanity. You may be interested to hear that the Romans used the wordΒ persona to describe a mask used in a play; this is what we fell in love with: a monster in a mask.Β  Read more

I’m Having a Thought Here: Part I – The Nature of Nature

I thought It’d be totally natural thing to do and maybe share a thought with all of ya out there, while you’re all queuing on the long tale in anticipation of my upcoming…well, when I finish and release my book to the public! So here’s a recentΒ thought for ya!

You know, when you’re out walking, or propped up by a tree stump, or laying in the grass looking at the sky, or when you just find yourself out in nature…I mean


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Sunday Musings of a Heretic


Everything was fine until we woke up once upon an eternity, from the sleep of primordial unity. Into the dream that wasn’t our dream, or even a true dream. It was a dream of a unmedicated god and the spider-web fantasies of our demented egos. Calcified by whatever brought about childhood’s end. We woke up one day and found ourselves in a world we did not make. Our souls tied to the carcasses of dead mammals. As Yeats wrote: “Claustrophobic in a body that was nothing but a tomb“, and as Plato bemoaned, or more like a prison, as Basilides warned. We woke up as roaches, struggling on our backs in a universe that was but a sewer for the gory waste of Aeons of worship. We woke up drunk, suffering from amnesia and plagued by nightmares, as Jung called gods that had become mortals: us. We woke up in a hellish world, as nothing more than slaves to silver-haired pharaohs and their soulless institutions. Forced us to build pyramids from the rocks of their own greed and intolerance, meant to be the very tombs of our dreams and opportunites. The moral landscape teaming with corporate hob-goblins who gorge our psychic throats with the salt water of material desire that can never be quenched, while Botox Baba Yagas in the skies of shallowness, tossed as pieces of iMeat, riddled with the longing iMaggots of neighbourhood status, social network fame and apple product worship. And they promise we can be free, if we toil harder on the desert sands of yappy wet dreams or socialists orgasms or religious scrabble games. Be good, but feel bad for yourself when no one is watching. You’ll go back to sleep to that primordial unity, be good. Just take this opium of β€œkardashian consumerism”. Thought atomising reality shows from the shores of Jersey, orthodox news programs with demagogic demigods, compromised romances and fast food faiths. Be good, don’t let them know you feel so bad little roach. What did you dream? It’s all right, we told you what to dream. And they further plugged us into The Matrix.

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The Sacred Trees of The Druids and The Pagan Tribes of Old Europe

Trees have always been an integral part of human existence. So deeply embedded is this relationship between humanity and trees, that they are to be found at the heart of many religions and “spiritual” mysteries as sources for wisdom and structures for understanding. The cosmic tree stands at the centre of the world, (Yggdrasill) which it supports and nurtures. All the great and momentous occasions of our lives occur through the medium of the tree. We are born from it, it feeds and shelter us, gives us wisdom, and we make sacrifice to it.

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Since I don’t have a section related to my personal Art (drawings, photography and graphic design) included in this blog, I dedicated a fraction of my free time to assemble together and article very much intended to put all of my work into once place. Yes, everything that I post on my DeviantArt page can be viewed there, and there are even categories with cool icons and it looks quite neat and all of that, but a section in what I see as my most important place at the moment, where I express myself both by writing and by making art, is by all means quite a necessary feature to have in my honest and modest opinion.Β  So without further ado, let’s get into my personal world of unpredictable possibilities! ..and Magick! I’ll be constantly updating this article, because obviously I’ll be adding my new drawings, photography and graphic design and the rest of my art.


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